Tuesday, March 1, 2016


To the people at East,
     Today will be my final post, although I haven't written in ages I will try my best. I never got to say to all of my teachers that I will always be thankful for what you've done for and what you did with me. The school shaped me into a better person, someone tough, smart and patience. This letter, coming in so late I must apologize, but through the years it's been fun for me. I got to meet great people, and even better people who supported me when I was at my worse. Even so that is not exactly what I loved about East, it was the fact that we as students acted wild and yet you never gave up on us.
     When I started this post on the last day of school I never did post it. So, to show that I cared so much I will give you what I wrote that day.
     "You are really kind-hearted to all of us I wish we could stay here and feel the comfort that we felt here, but we have to move on and on and yet I will remember all of you because you were such a big part of our lives."

      I will wish nothing but the best for East and their new students. I hope that the teachers of today will read this post and help their students be as inspired as my class was in the day.
Don't lose HEART,
     Your student Guenevere Traversie.
(P.S to the teachers who taught me... I got into a C.U program that'll allow me to go there in the future! Thank you so much!)

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