Tuesday, March 1, 2016


To the people at East,
     Today will be my final post, although I haven't written in ages I will try my best. I never got to say to all of my teachers that I will always be thankful for what you've done for and what you did with me. The school shaped me into a better person, someone tough, smart and patience. This letter, coming in so late I must apologize, but through the years it's been fun for me. I got to meet great people, and even better people who supported me when I was at my worse. Even so that is not exactly what I loved about East, it was the fact that we as students acted wild and yet you never gave up on us.
     When I started this post on the last day of school I never did post it. So, to show that I cared so much I will give you what I wrote that day.
     "You are really kind-hearted to all of us I wish we could stay here and feel the comfort that we felt here, but we have to move on and on and yet I will remember all of you because you were such a big part of our lives."

      I will wish nothing but the best for East and their new students. I hope that the teachers of today will read this post and help their students be as inspired as my class was in the day.
Don't lose HEART,
     Your student Guenevere Traversie.
(P.S to the teachers who taught me... I got into a C.U program that'll allow me to go there in the future! Thank you so much!)

Friday, April 18, 2014

Dork Diaries # 6 and 7

Dear Readers,
     I have finished two books called Dork Diaries, Tales from a NOT SO Smart Miss know it all, and Tales from a NOT SO Happy Heartbreaker both by Rachel Renee Russell. The Dork Diaries Tales from a NOT SO Smart Miss know it all the book is about how Niki is going to try out for the artiest spot for the new paper in hopes to get closer to Brandon. Niki then finds out that her name has been crossed out so then she couldn't try out for the spot. Niki is then goes into the Miss know it all. Niki redoes the whole Miss know it all thing. At first Niki doesn't have much luck then people start using the Miss know it all and the Miss know it all becomes the talk of the school. MacKenzie then busts Niki.
     What will MacKenzie do? Will the Miss Know it all paper last for or will it crash and burn? Read the Dork Diaries book 5. I love this book because it's funny, and I always want to know what's going to happen to Niki so I'll keep on reading until I get to the sixth book.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I Survived, Shark Attack 1916

Dear Readers,
     I have finish another book called I Survived, Shark Attack 1916. This book is about a boy named Chet and his friends. Chet is a new comer in a town in New Jersey. Chet friends plays a prank on Chet. Chet grandpa said that Chet friends are expecting his in the group so... Chet plays a prank on his friends. As a result Chet's friends leave him for the most dirtiest trick on them to get back at them. Chet sees a shark where his X-friends are swimming and Chet needs to save them.
     Will Chet make it on time and if what will happen to Chet? Also what was the prank? I wanted to read this book because of the other books I had read before. On the I Survived books. I loved this book because this book has action and this book makes me feel like I'm never going to put it down. Make sure to read this awesome book and finish it. Well hello, and goodbye, also read my other posts that I have done.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Homework, Really?

Dear Readers,
     I have read a new article about homworkand how this school work is effecting students, the school and there parents. Like the other articles that I have read there will be three main ideas, before I move on here are the two articles that are about Stink bugs and Libraries. I know that one of the three main ideas are about the two most comman complaints to the schools from the students parents. The two main complaints are the is too much homework or there is too little. The text I read even said the that the parents said "Parents say there's too much homework, or there's too little. With all of this I came up with that the schools should give all the students the same amout of homework to do, so that the schools would only have one problem to deal with, and this would also have a easy solution to it.
     Another main idea I came across was that the was how these homework assignmeants sent to the students were the promblem to them. In the same text I found two kids named Imani Dowing and another girl named Amma Ababio. Imani Downing also has a problem with the homwork, Imani has this problem because she rarely gets homework in one one of her classes, so never the less the whole school. Now with Amma Ababio, Amma Ababio saids that she gets too much homework and I now why she thinks this. With Amma Ababio she calms that she does her homework during her dinner and I'm also gesting that she does her homework during her family time. With this said I think that the people with too much homework have lots that they have to learn. I have also heard from this text that 38.4 percent of kids spent the same amount of time on studying or homework during their last year. These people should be able to socialize with friends than being sucked inside doing hoemwork. Well I have to go I'll try to tell you more about the next article that I'll read.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Dork Diaries book # 3, and 4

Dear readers,
     I have justed finish two books called Dork Diaries Tales from a No-So talented pop star and Dork Diaries tales from a Not-So Graceful Ice Princess. The Not-So talented pop start was about Nikki starting a band and Mackenzie making an video's of her dancing at Queey Chesey, plus Nikki is going againest Mackenzie Hollister. When Nikki got into the show Mackenzie Hollister tried to ruin everything, but Nikki got back into the show and did her best to win the talented show. Does Niki or Mackenzie win the show? or Will Niki or Mackenzie win the show themselves?
     In tales from a not so graceful ice princess it is all about Fuzzy freinds shutting down and a ice skating show beening held and if you win you get $10,000 pay check or something like that. The big part is that Brandon's aunt run's Fuzzy freinds but the dark side is that if Fuzzy freinds get shut down Brandon has to go to a diffient country. Will Nikki save Fuzzy Freinds? I'll see you next time with a new book. Maybe

Friday, March 28, 2014

Dork Diaries Tales from a NOT- SO-Popular Party Girl

Dear readers,
     I love Dork Diaries By Rachel Renee Russell because its really funny. This book is about a girl named Nikki Maxwell going to two party's and has three costume because she wants to hang out with her friends, she is getting pay to paint faces at her little sister's party, and Nikki wants to hang out with the person she has a crush on Brandon. I would said the only question I have about the book is that will Nikki pull off going to her friends, her crush, and her little sisters party? Will if your reading this read Dork Diaries Tales from a not so popular party girl.  If I could list this book under any type of book categories I would say this book is under comedy since its funny, and romance. I would say this book is to read in free time you have. Well guys I'll see you next on my blog with a new book to share with you.